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The Bugle is the ultimate pan-global audio home of international satire. The show is a weekly eruption of comedic comment about the world’s most, and least, important news stories.

Since its 2016 relaunch it has been hosted by Andy Zaltzman with his private militia of co-hosts including Hari Kondabolu from the US, Anuvab Pal from India, Alice Fraser from Australia and, from the UK, Nish Kumar and Andy’s multi-podcast-award-winning sister Helen.

After launching in October 2007, The Bugle has had many homes, but now can only survive if you come and watch us AND donate!

In 2020 The Last Post entered the world, casting an interdimensional look at topical news, and in 2021, The Gargle joined the family, with Alice Fraser delivering a weekly take on all the news, except the politics.

The Gargle

Coming 23rd February!

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  • The Last Post

    Imagine a world just like this one where a man called Trump still runs the free world, where Brexit continues to rage on and climate change continues to simultaneously burn, melt and pour on things. Imagine this world also has podcasts and there is a satirical show that speaks truth to power. And rather than being hosted by Andy, it's hosted by Alice.


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    The voices

    • Andy Zaltzman

      The original voice of The Bugle. He can pun for fun. You can hear Andy Satirising for hire around the world, ticket info via

      He can also be found scoring on Test Match Special and talking about cricket on the Cricket Sadist Hour podcast.

    • Nish Kumar

      Massively hip UK comedian loved by The Guardian and Stewart Lee. Made his Bugle debut telling Producer Chris to F*** himself, a cheap shot that won him instant acclaim.

      Twitter: @MrNishKumar

    • Hari Kondabolu

      Spreading The Bugle’s love of royalty into the new era, Hari is from Queens. He broke all kinds of records by becoming the third person ever to co-host The Bugle, the first new co-host in 9 years.

      Twitter: @harikondabolu

    • Helen Zaltzman

      Helen is a podcasting legend. Ask her about podcasting, or Serial. With hits like Answer Me This and Radiotopia’s The Allusionist under her belt, her joining The Bugle is an issue the competition commission should have an issue with. Yes, she is Andy’s sister.

      Twitter: @helenzaltzman

    • Josh Gondelman

      A former writer on Johnny Showbiz's Last Week Tonight, Josh is a stand up and writer who also lends his time to Desus and Mero. Josh likes Boston and sneakers

      Twitter: @joshgondelman

    • Alice Fraser

      Alice has been a regular on the show since she horrifed a live audience in Melbourne with a curious mix of puns, obscenity and flamingo trolling. ALice is the host of our sibling shows The Gargle and The Last Post

      Twitter: @Aliterative

    • Anuvab Pal

      Anuvab Pal is a modern polymath, having managed to pursue successful careers in the theatre, comedy, literature and cinema. He is apparently one of the five funniest people in India, and India has a lot of people, a ringing endorsement.

      Twitter: @AnuvabPal


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