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The Bugle, one of the universe's leading satirical comedy podcasts, featuring John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, lives on.

Since its birth in October 2007, John and Andy have dispensed their weekly doses of satire and bullshit to an estimated potential global audience of 7 billion people. They have left no political hot potato unbuttered, and have presided over, and/or caused, and/or commented on (delete according to preference) the downfall of several of the world's least desirable despots and dinner companions.

After four years and 178 full issues (plus sundry extra sub-episodes) hosted by Times Online, The Bugle is now independent, and hoping to carry on Bugling until the end of time (logistics permitting).


Attention Buglers. We hope you are having an absolutely phenomenal day / hour / minute / week / month / life / millennium.

Thank you to all who have so far contributed to help keep The Bugle alive and bugling.

We have made some decisions on the future of The Bugle. Our goal is to continue satirising anything that moves for the next few decades or centuries at least. If you would like to help us score that goal, read on.

We contemplated charging for The Bugle, looking for advertising, and various other funding options, but have decided to keep the show independent, unbesmirched by the invasive hoof of the advert, and, most importantly, free ? free for all 7 billion current and future Buglers to download.

Your contributions have enabled us to do this in the short-term, and now this is your chance to be a Bugle-long-term-future-saving hero.

We are instituting a new voluntary subscription system. An online honesty box through which you can keep the show going for all eternity. Or at least, some eternity.

You can make recurring payments, to the value of whatever you think The Bugle is worth. Some of you might think it is worth 0 pence, or less. Other might think it is worth $10,000,000 a month. Most of you probably think it is worth somewhere in between those two sums.

Choose your own level of commitment, from £1 (or less, if you are a total skinflint) to £1m.

You can also still contribute a one-off sum as before, if you hate the concept of recurrence.

In the Facebook poll we ran after our split from Times Online, around 80 per cent of respondents said they would be prepared to pay for The Bugle. Well, 80 per centers, here is your chance to step up to the plate, slap a dollop of mashed potato onto it, and waggle your face around in it.

So, as the world moves inexorably towards Armageddon, and with the sun due to run out of fire in just 5 billion years' time, will you help The Bugle buck the trend by moving into a bright new future?

Please select one of the links below:

Yes, I want to take out a voluntosubscription to the planet's sole remaining source of trustworthy fact.

Yes, I want to make a one-off donation the planet's sole remaining source of trustworthy fact.

No way, losers. I hate The Bugle with a passion, and wish upon it the miserable demise it so richly deserves.


Rushed into production just five-and-a-half years after The Bugle podcast first started power-spewing its signature cocktail of nonsense into the planet's already overfilled cistern of public discourse, the first tranche of Bugle merchandise has finally arrived.

It promises to be the retail event of the millennium so far.

Buy it here:




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